Shimla trip!

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We believe in living life 200% - 100% work and 100% fun, so the wizards of Creativechord made their way to Shimla, the beautiful valley of Himalayan Foothills. The much deserved break turned into team building exercise was an extravaganza that each one of us will cherish for life. Travel through heritage tunnels, wanderlust with snow rejuvenated our body, mind and soul and returned home as a stronger team to face challenges and deliver beyond expectations.

Its time to party..!!
Meet Mr. Creative

Long awaited Mr. Creative comes with a bang!

The suspense is over. We are happy to introduce our new and a very vital member ‘Mr Creative’ to you, the one who has been holding your nerves for quite some time now.

What is in a name? said Shakespeare. With due apologies to Shakespeare perhaps there is everything in a name. The name ‘ Mr Creative’ personifies his whole character. He is the creator of all the energy in our design house. He creates things which would make your eyeballs roll in wonder and leave you dumbstruck.

The ‘birth’ of Mr Creative has been a long and arduous journey, leading step by step to his formation with a lot of efforts on the

part of the entire team. At last he has come into being. An extra ordinary character, who can express with appropriate gesture that how pleased we are to meet you and who is always at your service with the best design solutions for you. Following are the steps of his inception:


Mr Creative is a character who portrays himself at all the available places, in all the available positions and at all the available time. To know about his planning for the week and to read about him directly, stay tuned.

CreativeChord Designs

Creativechord website
comes with a transformation

We are a team of young enthusiasts always aiming at dynamism. Since our inception in May 2012 we have been marching ahead towards progress with better team and technology.

With the collective efforts of our team we have tried to modify and reorganize our website by changing its look and features. Our creative ideas have given our website a new shape to make it look not only esthetic and attractive but also modern and progressive. With this new change we have also added few services to our portfolio to serve you better.

We have changed its look but our aim is still to give you quality, punctuality, service and satisfaction. As a company we respect our clients and would be happy to receive your feedback on the change that we brought which can help us grow & improve further.

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