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Creativechord is a design house that has taken its name from the chords of guitar which give a harmony to its music. The six chords of guitar create a beautiful harmony by merging the various musical notes. Our's is a chord which in a similar manner give a well assimilated effect to its design by combining the creative elements of color, visuals and typography. Our team works on the principle of creativity, target audience and by following the proper processing and research etc for its designs. The designs made by us are creative and show originality and individuality. Our Design house, while working keeps the target audience in mind which is very necessary as every design has a different appeal to different audience.

A proper processing is done by our group by following the principles of research, selection, assimilation and implementation of ideas. We also keep in mind that a good design in commercial field is the one which not only looks good but which sells. So both the aesthetic and the commercial elements are taken care of. Apart from designing we also offer printing services in the fields of offset printing, digital printing and screen printing. The whole variety of papers is available with us which is used for various printing effects like UV coating, foiling, thermal coating etc.

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The team that enjoy together works better! – Creativechord Designs

Shimla trip!

We believe in living life 200% - 100% work and 100% fun, so the wizards of Creativechord made their way to Shimla, the beautiful valley of Himalayan Foothills. The much deserved break turned into team building exercise was an extravaganza that each one of us will cherish for life. Travel through heritage tunnels, wanderlust with snow rejuvenated our body, mind and soul and returned home as a stronger team to face challenges and deliver beyond expectations.
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